Welcome to Weintraub World

Welcome to Weintraub World!. What is Weintraub World? It's a place where you can dance, sing, let your imagination take over. It's a world of endless possibilities. And, your admission is only a MasterCard away!

Okay, it's none of these things. The main purpose is a place to hang my resume, so head hunters can find it. It is also a place where I can stick files to download them to and from work. But, most importantly, it gives me the ability to say I am hep, and up to date because I have a Webpage! .

It also gives me a place to put Webpages for other people and organizations that I do on the side. I mainly take on that task in order to learn the latest technology. For example, I did this webpage using Cascading Style Sheets. Now, I know how to use Cascading Style Sheets. I did the eruv map using Google Map's API.. Now, I know how to use Google Map's API. Then for Etz Ahaim, I setup their webpage using Mambo, and I helped my son setup his boy scouts website using Joomla!, a content management system that forked off of Mambo, but is much better because its name ends in an exclamation point.

So, that's all there really is. There are no naughty pictures, no fun and exciting games, and no amazing flash animations.

This page was hued out using, blood, sweat, and tears using

The correct way to build a webpage!